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Welcome to our Press Page! Here, you'll find an array of information at your fingertips. We've provided some media, facts, and a section dedicated to what makes our purpose to reach others for Christ, so unique.

Please Contact Us, if you have any additional requests for information. 
The current mission statement of WAY-FM is:


Our Core Values
Founded in 1987 as an outreach to youth and young adults, we remain committed to that cause. Our Core Values are our commitment to unchanging beliefs and
represent how we live while working toward our mission. 

View our Core Values Here

Where did it all Start?

Bob and Felice were inspired to provide young people with a Christian music alternative that would continue to help minister to them. At the time, nothing of the sort had existed. The night that the Augsburgs were coming back from a Christian concert, Felice asked Bob, "Why can't we start a station of our own?" 

Read the WAY-FM Story

We Recently Celebrated 25 Years of Radio!
God has used WAY-FM to reach and minister to many individuals over the time it has been on the air. Thanks to the many gifts from other faithful listeners, WAY has been able to expand into many different cities across the United States and even onto many online platforms as well.

Read President Bob Augsburg's Message to Listeners

Our DJ's Rock:

Of course, you can't have a good station without great on air DJ's! Below are our on air personalities that make WAY-FM the station it is today. Feel free to visit their bio pages and check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

  Wally         Marcia Ware     Jeff Connell     Melissa Moore       Stu Gray


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God's Using WAY-FM to Impact Others

You can click here to listen to personal listener stories, and how their lives were impacted through the music and the people on the station.


Additional Resources

If you're writing a story about us, or just want to promote us somehow, here are some images for you to use. Just click on the image you want, and it should download for you.  And, oh yeah, please don't misuse them.






The Wally Show Logo

The Melissa Moore Show Logo

WAY Media, Inc. Logo


And, for those of you who use that site called Facebook, spread the love.

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Peer Support Confernce, September 20, 2013
Posted by Nancy Garner on

We would like to arrange for an interview with our Director Nancy Garner regarding the 1st Peer Support Conference being held on September 20th. If we could set up an on-air interview that would be great, but if not, maybe a mention of the conference. Please contact Nancy at 812-697-4347 or at for more information. Thank you for your consideration.

Exceptional Teens & Adults expansion Project - "1
Posted by Angel Chichester on

Exceptional Teens & Adults 1 Million People=$1 Million Dollars Campaign EXPANSION PROJECT (LOUISVILLE, KY) – Exceptional Teens and Adults expansion campaign, “1 Million People = $1 Million Dollars”, began in 2010 and with the help of our community, we can complete the renovation of space for the Exceptional Teens and Adults Teen Center Inc. Exceptional Teens & Adults, located at 724 West Breckinridge Street, provides a structured program of services for teenagers and young adults with Autism, developmental and intellectual disabilities. In June 2014, we will celebrate 15 years of providing services to our participants and families. Exceptional Teens & Adults currently occupies over 9,000 of the 24,000 square feet at its present location. The expansion involves renovating the remaining space for the Exceptional Teens & Adults Teen Center Inc. This expansion will offer Exceptional Teens & Adults the opportunity to more than double its occupancy, offering services to more individuals in our community. We will also be able to provide services for non-disabled teenagers as well. We are in the process of creating relationships with different organizations for volunteers, donations and sponsorships. Many thanks go to the Middletown Fire Department for the donation of basketball goals. Completion of this renovation will include the following new spaces: o Small gymnasium for exercising, participant dances, volleyball, dodge-ball, relay races & basketball o Fitness room o Tutoring and classrooms - allows for quiet times for home work and other help when needed o Activities area for speakers, music programs, arts and crafts and performing arts activities o Game room o Coffee bar – open to the public o Teen ‘Hang-out’ room o Court yard “Individuals with Autism, developmental or intellectual disabilities have the same needs and desires as a non-disabled person. They want to socialize, have fun, learn, date, develop friendships and live independently if able. This expansion provides an opportunity to serve more families and continue our mission: providing opportunities for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to live independent and extraordinary lives”, says founder, Rose Walton. In a grassroots effort, we are asking our supporters and our community to donate their expertise, time, or make a donation to our 1 Million People = $1 Million Dollars Campaign. No amount is too small. We rely on the generosity of our community to help us serve more individuals and families in the Louisville area. We will host a variety of events to fund this project – we hope you will support us. All donations are tax-deductible and should be sent to: ETA Teen Center Inc. /P.O. Box 1051/Louisville, KY 40201-1051, or make a donation online. For more information about Exceptional Teens & Adults - visit us online at

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