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wrong song...
Posted by David Bindner on

I sure would like to know who you just played... It was after Dear X and before Born Again. I have been trying to find out who it is and everytime you guys play it you dont list it in your last songs you played list. PLEASE I would sure like to know who it was. The lyrics contain the words I give you all that I am . It was played at aproximately 2:40 ...Please contact me With just the name of the song or the artist

Posted by David Bindner on

I sure would like to know who you just played... It was after Dear X and Before Born Again. I have been trying to find out who it is and every time you guys play it for some reason you dont list it in the last songs you played list. PLEASE I would sure like to know who it was. The lyrics contain the words I give you all that I am. It was played Aproximately 2:40. Please contact me if you can figure out who it is. Thank You

The song-Stuff Like This
Posted by Patty on

The song "Stuff Like This" hits too close to home. It was like a smack in the face. In my life, sometimes I get so bogged down with all the little stuff that doesn't matter that I miss what is important. It usually takes one of my nieces and nephews to remind me what matters. Thank God for them. Thanks.

Posted by Lexi on

Jesus Freak by DC Talk is my all-time fave. Will you play it?:)

Posted by James on

I can't seem to figure out how to listen to the live show on the computer. i click listen live and i can't seem to figure out how to listen to it.

Listen Live
Posted by Debbie on

I've tried to listen live all week and the link doesn't work. I usually listen and never had a problem before.

listen live
Posted by Dana on

Why can't I listen live anymore?? I never had problems before.

Posted by Rob on

Your listen live link is down, and has been for some time. I sometimes listen at work, and this feature is very handy to have on your site. I hope you can fix it soon. Rob

Song Request
Posted by Jonah Bobisn on

I'm 15 years old and I play the guitar at church. I didn't believe I could sing but as we began to play How He Loves by David Crowder Band, I felt God come over me and I sang with all my body and soul. I'd like for you to play this song. Thanks!

WAYFM stream
Posted by Tommy on

Just gotta say, it's cool that we can stream WAYFM Louisivlle from across the globe. Gotta have good music while deployed.

Posted by Thea:) on

Thank you soooo much for this station especially being online! Being in China and all, sometimes you feel far away but, being on your station makes me feel just a tad closer to America and God.

Posted by Name on




i need a song for guidance
Posted by nathan cavallo on

ive been having real issues with my faith lately and i need a song to help me realize that god is still beside me and always will be. if you could play something that would help you would be my hero!

Song Question
Posted by Jake H. on

Hello, I've heard a song that goes "It's gonna be Hey Okay" but I'm never able to catch the title or the artist. If I could get some help, that would be appreciated :) God bless, and keep up the good work!

Don't back down on your mission!
Posted by Sergeant First Class, Eric Sch on

Hello from Afghanistan, Hey WayFm I'm with the 1st Infentry Division out of Ft Knox currently deployed to Afghanistan. Well I finally reached a place where I cam plug into the internet and I can listen to you guys on my down time. Just wanted to tell you guys to keep up the awsome job. I am a Cavalry Scout and one of our fundimentals is to Maintain Mission Focus, well you guys have take on a very important mission and you have not lost focus on the truth of that mission. God Bless WayFm and all who work there, you are a light in a world that continues to get darker. Again God Bless SFC Eric Schweighauser

Listen Live not working??
Posted by CLiff Pappe on

I have tried to listen to the station on different computers since Monday and have not had any sucess. Is there a problem goin gon with the player?

Windows Media Streams
Posted by Joshua Coolidge on

They seem not to be working. For the past 8 months to a year it seems that you all have done something with your system and windows media player is not recognizing the file as a stream and only plays a few seconds before it starts repeating.

Posted by Name on


Posted by mandera jackson on

i want to listen to this song called take me as im by Lecrae

Posted by mandera jackson on

this is song request that i want to hear is called Take Me As I Am by Lecrae

Todays riddle
Posted by Amir on

Is the answer to the riddle : a chair, a bed and a toothbrush?

Good Bye
Posted by Vicci Baumgarten on

I listen to your show from Louisville, Ky. I want you to know that I really have enjoyed listening and learning. You as well as many others have made God real to me. He is not some far off God that does not care. He is not the God of my childhood that I did not have a relationship with or was scared of. Thanks for all you have done for me and many others like me. Best wishes in all you do and may God go with you and bless you.

Name of a song??
Posted by vicky bouchard on

i have been racking my brain to come up with the name of the song that is talking about a woman that is pregnant and the doctors have told them that the baby will not live much past birth and the chorus goes something like "i just wanna be her dad" and "show her what it means to be loved"?? It is a male singer as well. Any help would be appreciated. Blessings, VIcky

mp3 stream
Posted by Vickie on

do you stream in mp3 and if so, what is the stream address. Thank you

Posted by Darian underwood on

hi my name is darian underwood and im 12. me and my mom love way fm im so excited that you all are doing the back to school bash at eastside because thats......MY CHURCH i bet u didnt see that coming (hehehe) i hope that walle is there last time he was i was sick so my bff kenzie to a pic with him and had to send it to me:(

Posted by Darian underwood on

please play this is the stuff by francessca batastelli or my chains are gone

Thank you so much!
Posted by Elise Rabold on

I have been going through a really hard time in my life and i have been so blessed to stumble upon your station. The songs you play minister to me so much words can't describe. Since finding your station i have started building my Christian music collection which just adds to the blessings of this music. I love all the disk jockeys and you all seem to have a lot of fun at your job. i pray that God blesses your efforts to minister through music.

Posted by Name on


93.9 music
Posted by Tonya Sweeney on

It feels good to know that my daughter, Amelia, and I can listen to the radio in the car and know that she can hear the message of Jesus. As a mom, I love being able to hear christian music that uplifts our souls and that I don't have to worry about what my daughter hears.

Posted by Maggie Edwards on

My husband and I married on March 19, 2011. Yesterday was our 6 month wedding anniversary. He deployed to Iraq in May with the largest mobilization Kentucky has ever seen. I had a stroke this weekend and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He watched in agony over Skype knowing he couldn't take the pain away. I wanted to know if you could play Casting Crowns song Courageous for him. I feel this song is perfect for him. He is the strongest man I know and I don't want him to lose faith. Please send this song out to my soldier, my hero, my best friend, my husband, Bryan. I love you Bryan. God has a plan for us, even if I have to suffer through the pain of this new diagnosis. God will see us through. Be the man of God I know you are. Don't give up on God, he never gave up on us.

Listen Online
Posted by Mary Jane Skaggs on

Wanted to make sure you knew that online listening isn't working right now. I can actually listen to another online station, so I'm pretty sure it's not me :)

My teacher
Posted by Jackson beckmann on

My name is Jackson and I am a sixth grader at rockcreek middle I would not be here typing this message about my awesome 4th and 5th grade teacher ms Langdon. Before she was my teacher I was a weard 4th grader with no cinfidence level and bad grades. So now through the fourth grade with her I started getting friends and had a confidence level. So she helped me pass the 4th now the fifth in fifth becuase of ms Langdon I was the person everyone knew. So I would like to reward her for her hard work. But it wasn't just ms Langdon it was god to.

Love this station
Posted by McKayla on

I'm homeschooled and my mom lets us listnen to this staion while we do school. I really love it and I think it helps me with my school, because I am reminded that Jesus is right there and helping me through it all the way.

Posted by jeremiah on

You guys are doing great keep up the good work. God has great plans for 93.9 Stay strong.

please play this song!!! I love it
Posted by Ashleigh on

I want you guys to play Blessings. It is my all time favorite song!!!!!!

Listen Live
Posted by Karla on

Having trouble connecting to Listen Live. When I click on the icon nothing happens.

Annulment versus Divorce
Posted by Brian Davis on

Hey Melissa and Matt! I have gone to Catholic elementary and Catholic high schools all my life, so I might be able to provide some details about annulment. Concerning your question about annulment versus divorce, annulment is when one or both spouses discovers that the implied conditions of a Catholic marriage aren't met or that personal conditions they have set with their spouse isn't met. For instance, if a spouse, after marrying them in the Catholic church just discovers that they happen to be a drug addict or abusive is some way and that spouse never told them is grounds for an annulment. If one, or neither spouse is coherent or aware of what they are promising (uniformed or even under the influence), is grounds for annulment. The biggest ground for annulment though is the question of children. The Catholic Church sees that marriage is the perfect union between two individuals, and the love of that union is best seen in raising a family. If one spouse is capable but unwilling to have children and the other wants to have children, that spouse can call for annulment. Divorce is purely a state separation of property, spouses, and sometimes children for any reason at all. The Catholic Church doesn't recognize divorce. If a couple of the Catholic Church want to be separated, but they were aware of the obligations to each other and genuinely loved each other enough to have a family, the church probably won't recognize their annulment. If they divorce and remarry, it can even be seen as adultery. Annulment isn't "fraud" per say, its more along the lines of "The conditions of our agreement were never met or understood, and therefore had no meaning." Annulment doesn't usually occur. Most priests meet with aspiring couples before hand to counsel and see if they match up. Sometimes the couple never seeks counseling, and sometimes they ignore the advice and get divorced later anyway. Legitimate Annulments do happen sometimes though.

Posted by barry pezzullo on

Steve's Studio Pizza turned us on to WAY FM. Love it.

Posted by Name on

Hey Melissa and Matt, I was just listening to the radio and heard you talking about Tim Tebow. You mentioned the Lord's favor and you questioned it. I would just like to say that the Lords favor is a reward for our work and adveancement towards his kingdom. it is not because we are his "favorite" at the time. how would you feel if you went through a lot of daily trials because of your testemony for Christ but saw no results in your work. it would be very difficult. I would say this is some encouragement for Tim Tebow; God saying I see you and love you.

Posted by Name on


Posted by Editha Bethancourt on

I like too much...! I enjoy this moments with WAY-FM From Panama city...God bless you !!!

Christain Music
Posted by paula shaffer on

Gospel music has come a long way. I use to dread the ole hyms that we sang at church every sunday. Dont get me wrong I love the ole time gospel music. But ne more to listen to the new contempory christian songs I love it. It keeps me interested in listen to a song all the way through. I really enjoy your radio station and love all the new music that is out about Jesus. Thank you for keeping me tuned in and excited about church music these days. Blessings to you all.

I Like to listen your christian music
Posted by Richard on

I like to listen your station. It has beautiful christian songs

I like to listen your station
Posted by Richard on

Your station is beautiful and a like to listen the music.

Song name
Posted by luke weishaar on

What was the song that was played about 7:40 this morning? I looked under recently played but the list didn't go back that far.

God is an awesome God with all the true talented s
Posted by Wilma Brown on

It's such and inspiration for me to hear your music all day even when I'm sleeping casuse it's relaxing and I just get a joy out of gods talented artists out there. I may not be the best singer in the world but I love god and gods children who love him like I do and with all of our heart, minds and souls. Thank you all for all the inspiration you all give us each day meaning all of us listeners. Keep up the great work..Praise God!! P.S. I did buy tickets for the show coming up in April and am very excited in going on April 26th, 2012. Praise the Lord!! This will be my first show in going to a concert since I lost my husband in 2008 along with my best freind who took her own life on the same day my husband was killed in car wreck. One song I would love to hear is: SAVAGE GARDEN

glorious day....casting crown
Posted by annette davis on

this song really hits home, and thank you for playing it and touch mine and familys life... I LOVE THIS STATION.......

Posted by ANNETTE DAVIS on


Thank you and god bless
Posted by Jimmy on

I want to thank all of you for what you do. I've had alot going on the last few months and have had suicidal thoughts But one day I was flipping stations and I came across your station. Stronger by Mandisa was playing and it struck home. I haven't been to church in so long. After that song was over I prayed and asked Jesus for forgiveness. It's still been ruff and I take it one day at a time. But when things start to get ruff I lean on Jesus and my beautiful wife and daughter.

Out of Area
Posted by Julie Bloomfield on

I SO LOVE the Wally Show, & all the staff/hosts in the morning!! I am laid off now & I live in breck county, I can't get the station at my home :,( BUT I CAN STREAM IT!! :( however,I use to listen every day on my way to work & it so got my day started in the right direction! I was newly saved (still a baby now) and NEEDED that inspiration especially on the way to work with NO ONE who knew Jesus!! I would hide at a press & sneak the radio to listen to the show!!!!!!! Couldn't stand to miss a moment!!! I miss listening everyday. I just wanted to share how you all have blessed my life & helped in so many ways with my walk & my inspiration when I had nothing else positive in my life! Thank you So MUCH!! God bless & MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!!!!!!

Posted by Elise Rabold on

I usually have no problem listening to you on my Mac, but I haven't been able to stream your station for a couple days now and I am missing you guys. Can you give me some solutions to this problem so that I can keep listening to you? Thanks, Elise Rabold

The new player
Posted by Debbie on

I like the new player you have for listening online, but why does it pause itself and make me click play again about every two hours. I listen all day at work and its distracting.

"Love Love Love your station!"
Posted by Della Spencer on

Just wanted to let you all know that you are doing a great service to your community with this station! It has made me a Happier person just listening to the uplifting music you play everyday. I feel better about this mess of a world we live in today. So much going on and yet we have this constant reminder that we aren't in this alone. You re-affirm this daily! Keep up the goodness you are doing with Jesus on your side. ~della~

Inspiration From The Radio
Posted by Jim on

As a newly converted Christian (3 months) your station helps me keep a prayer in my head and heart constantly. You have.helped me through many many tough times. Thank You

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